Sisters ★★★★

unexpected but welcome addition to ACAB canon — cogent narrative choice for the cops to refuse to help the plucky gal reporter because she wrote articles denouncing police brutality. horror films often fall into the trap of relying on police to save the main characters’ lives, so it’s refreshing to see that subverted in a realistic and meaningful way. 

also love how she explicitly called them out for not caring about the case because the violent perpetrator was a white woman and the victim was a Black man — demonstrates screenwriter Louisa Rose’s understanding of the insidious history of systemic racism, which i think is imperative for anyone writing any piece of media featuring cop characters. easily my fav non-Carrie De Palma!

(watched after reading about it in chapter 2 of House of Psychotic Women by Kier-la Janisse, a book i highly recommend for fans of horror/exploitation films!)