The Intruder ★½

considered organizing these scattered thoughts into a cohesive paragraph but then i remembered we’re all slowly decaying and i have more important things to do, like trying to read one of the 20 books piled on my nightstand but taking a depression nap instead. so, well, here ya go:

-really effective title, as dennis quaid happens to be one of my most intrusive thoughts 
-the titular Intruder everytime he Intruded: DENNIS QUAID IS HERE
- excellent application of the Quaid Gaze, defined as “the act of depicting the world from 2 time Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid’s perspective for the pleasure of the #QuaidBrigade in the audience.”
- appreciated the inclusion of a friend character whose only purpose is to say dennis quaid is hot, thereby confirming that he’s good looking in the diegetic world of the movie and not just my disgusting brain. representation matters
- immediately complained to the friend i was with about how horribly the woman lead was written and how her passiveness serves to perpetuate the outdated fallacy that a husband’s purpose is to protect his helpless wife. his response: “should i start a letterboxd tag called ‘mia thought it was sexist but i didn’t notice’”