The More the Merrier ★★★½

been on a jean "queen of the screwball" arthur bend as a coping mechanism. i keep finding myself bent in half and crying for hours, too depressed to get out from under my weighted blanket or eat more than 3 toaster waffles per day. i am transitioning from being quarantined in a big house with family to self-isolating in a tiny apartment in an unfamiliar city alone with my thoughts. my dad is 1000 miles away, and every day he goes to work and interacts with customers and i have nightmares that he'll be infected. sorry this isn't funny or even good writing. i'm sure there are a lot of dudes on here who are glad i'm doing so poorly. i don't know why i'm confessing all this to so many people.

i guess my point is that there's good reason that these movies were so popular during the great depression. for a couple hours, i can enter an environment full of good-natured mischief and whirlwind romance and happy endings. it's comforting to see men who are in awe of strong-willed women rather than intimidated by them to the point of cruelty. it's comforting to see characters cope with the uncertainty of a world crumbling around them with plucky humor. they got through it and we will too, even if it's hard to see right now. i don't even know if i believe that yet. but i'm trying.

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