The Spy Who Dumped Me ★★★

WHYYYYY are we supposed to believe mila kunis is an average, everyday woman are you KIDDING i’m honestly INSULTED ..... 

not to sound like a normie but remember that episode of the office where everyone’s arguing about whether or not hilary swank is hot and kelly starts crying and is like “if you’re saying hilary swank isn’t hot then you’re saying i’m not hot because i’m definitely not as hot as hilary swank” ...... that was me as this movie consistently slapped me in the face by alleging that one of the most beautiful women on the planet is “”””AVERAGE””””” 

straight up one of the first scenes is someone passive aggressively telling mila’s character that she expected her boyfriend (the spy who dumped her) to be with someone hotter and again ARE YOU KIDDING ME ............. IN WHAT WORLD???!?!??? 

costuming really threw a hawaiian shirt and khaki pants on her and called it good ...... they were like “yup she’s a regular plain jane now” ....... NO!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!! NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE!!!!!!!!! comedies are the ONE GENRE where the actors don’t have to be unbelievably hot ........ it’s a scientific fact that you can’t truly be funny if you’ve never been ugly ....... usurper ...... l’usurpateur ..........

ok ok ok it’s starting to sound like i did not like this movie. i did! i laughed a lot and i even cried a little about how much i cherish female friendship! seeing gillian anderson and kate mckinnon share screentime was very specific to my interests! 

but i couldn’t (and obviously still can’t) stop thinking about how much better this could’ve been if they’d written a script that wasn’t 90% reliant on my gf kate’s excellent improv and also given her a scene partner who looked more like uhhhh an average human woman and had uhhhhhhh a similar level of comedic talent WHAT you didn’t hear that from me 🤐🤫🤐

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