Titane ★★★★½

beneath its steely and bloody exterior, beneath its impeccably directed body horror, even beneath all the fascinating things it has to say about the fluidity of gender, Titane is ultimately a film about love. about what happens when love brushes up against hate and fear and rage and alienation and every negative emotion oozing through your veins like motor oil. how love is born from the most unlikely sources, how it takes myriad forms (romantic, platonic, paternal, maternal, etc.). 

Cronenberg's Crash deals with similar subject matter, i.e. cars and fucking, but in a cold and clinical way (not a critique at all!! i love Crash!!!), whereas Titane is unexpectedly warm and deeply human. the reason this film rises above so many other horror films, for me at least, is that there's a beating heart at the center of it.

Julia Ducournau is the future of filmmaking, and i will gladly follow her into the dark. i am the cutie and she is my death cab ❤️‍🔥

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