Unicorn Store ★★★

this was a cute and harmless way to spend 92 minutes! :)

anyway, i’m glad my favorite tv actor hamish linklater is getting work. that’s okay if you don’t recognize the name; i’ve been quietly obsessed with him since 2006 and only learned it a full decade later when he popped up in the big short. i was like “hey! that’s that tv actor i heavily repressed my feelings for when i was a weird middle schooler and still kind of repress now to be honest! wish i knew his name!”

his name is hamish linklater and *troy mcclure voice* you may remember him from such programs as the newsroom S2, fargo S3, pushing daisies S1E05, the legion pilot, and every episode of that julia louis-dreyfus sitcom that my parents always had on in the background in the mid-to-late 00s. what was it called? clark gregg and wanda sykes were in it too.....? THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE! that’s it! 

yup, that’s where it started. since then i go full-on Lucille Bluth Chronically Surprised By Gene Parmesan whenever he randomly shows up in stuff like this cute and harmless 92 minute movie 🦄🦋🎨

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