Us ★★★★

from the very first image of the cassette tapes next to the TV, to the Japanese ghost-like way a doppelgänger stiltingly scurries across the ground, to the clinical and conspiratorial atmosphere reminiscent of Martyrs, it’s clear that jordan peele LOVES horror. and he’s damn good at it. he’s not the next hitchcock or spielberg or whatever, he IS jordan peele. 

with Us, he’s proved that he can and will bring that extra layer of social/political commentary sorely missing from the majority of horror movies. the atrocities of america’s history (and present!) are much, much scarier than anything you can see on screen, and peele knows that, and he uses that. merely by existing in america, we are complicit in the suffering of all those below — if that’s terrifying to us, it’s even more so for them

(also, not to hype up the only white guy in this movie but i loved how seamlessly tim heidecker, aka MASTER CLOWN, translated the slapstick skills he gleaned from alternative comedy into physical horror. that’s just a fancy way of saying me likey when funny man squawk)

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