• Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    gina from porco rosso (english dub) is meg from hercules for girls whose lin from spirited away (english dub) was rosie octavius from the spider-man 2 video game

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film

    helped give me the strength to finally unfollow the older guy who emotionally manipulated me for over a year (along with 20+ other younger women) so … woohoo!!! feelin FREE 🕊

    EDIT: this is about former Viner Gabriel Gundacker, aka the guy who did Zendaya is Meechee. review is pinned to my profile until he actually takes accountability for all the women he’s hurt and endangered, instead of going quasi-silent and turning off comments.

  • Thief



    james caan rockin white cuffed jeans, no shirt, and aviator shades is an all-time beach fit. absolutely recreating this look next time i’m frolicking on the san diego shore to celebrate pulling off one last big heist

  • Spencer



    a surreal portrait of an isolated woman haunted by the burden of the past, the present, and the future. a psychological semi-horror; an antediluvian horror, a delicate horror. a decadent, hollow-eyed specter draped in the finest of pearls. how do you know what's real when you're living so high above everyone else, drowning in the yawn of the milky clouds?

    but what's most terrifying about Spencer is its swirling depiction of the distinct pressure that comes with trying to rush your nervous breakdown in the bathroom because a roomful of uptight dorks are impatiently awaiting your return. aah!

  • Ira & Abby

    Ira & Abby


    chris messina indie romcom with 3.1 star rating is the first movie that the roomie and i watched on our new 65” tv. been trying to thirst-watch it for years (the 2018 release of Sharp Objects). you couldn’t rent it, couldn’t stream it, couldn’t even torrent it! i swear!! then one day hbo just unceremoniously drops it? the SAME month i inherit a giant tv? uhhhh yeah, you KNOW we’re breaking that thing in with freakin IRA & ABBY!

    here’s some…

  • Bergman Island

    Bergman Island


    a must-see for any and all Bergman Babes! rich interrogation of his life’s work translated into a naturalistic romantic drama. oftentimes, the more i read/learn about a [usually male] artist i admire, the less enamored i am by them. thorny, devious, sometimes cruel; interesting as characters, as ideals, as archetypes, but unpleasant to think of them as real people who inflicted real pain instead of immaculate gods. 

    it’s refreshing to see a nuanced and empathetic filmmaker like mia hansen-løve explore this layered idea,…

  • Hotel Artemis

    Hotel Artemis


    video game cut-scene movie. if this were a video game (it should be) i would like to play as sofia boutella, though would be tempted to be jenny slate, charlie day, or perhaps even father john misty. this cast is wacky!

    anyway, i’m almost done with my first ever play-through of the Mass Effect series if anyone wants to say anything about that?

  • Titane



    beneath its steely and bloody exterior, beneath its impeccably directed body horror, even beneath all the fascinating things it has to say about the fluidity of gender, Titane is ultimately a film about love. about what happens when love brushes up against hate and fear and rage and alienation and every negative emotion oozing through your veins like motor oil. how love is born from the most unlikely sources, how it takes myriad forms (romantic, platonic, paternal, maternal, etc.). 


  • Pulse



    a techno-ghost story that suggests the hollow detachment of the internet is a symptom that is both highly contagious and inescapable 😁

    Pulse presciently predicted in 2001 that widespread internet use would lead to chronic loneliness, isolation, and misery; states of mind that are represented here as shadowy black stains and paranoid red tape. the dreary and dread-filled atmosphere supersedes its thin plot, crafting something trepidatious and ambiguous, eliciting scares from the ethereal and the existential rather than the visceral. had to see it on 35mm with a crowd so the internet ghosts that feed off of solitude couldn’t get me

  • Life Itself

    Life Itself


    knew it would be bad of course, but didn't realize it would be one of the most evil, repugnant, treacherous pieces of media i've ever consumed. it's like if my nemesis John Green tossed Margaret (2011) and Babel (2006) into a blender that eviscerates all intelligence and meaning. somehow manages to render Oscar Isaac, a famously charismatic man, completely devoid of charm.

    i started laugh-crying and rolling around on my friend's apartment floor 12 minutes in when the self-insert protagonist…

  • The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs

    a twisty ode to hitchcock/de palma that effectively captures that specific, strange eroticism of going to the optometrist. at its best when leaning into the stickiness of voyeurism vs. exhibition, of the power inherent in the act of looking. nice to see someone trying to revive and modernize the erotic thriller — also, sydney sweeney is a star!

  • Enchanted



    fun disney movie from before disney was a major threat to the art of cinema!