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  • My Best Friend's Wedding

    My Best Friend's Wedding


    had put off watching this for years because i always assumed the best friend’s wedding in question was a gal pal, and that the conceit of the movie was julia roberts trying to steal her best friend’s man. mean! 

    movie is still mean but not as mean as that. extra 1/2 star for rupert everett’s rendition of “I Say A Little Prayer” and because i watched with my mommy and she liked it

  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    they paved paradiso and put up a parking lot

  • The Wind Rises

    The Wind Rises


    suggests that dreaming is pragmatic because it’s the only way forward, that finding the beauty in the everyday rebuffs the hideousness of war and disaster, and that sometimes all a guy needs are his planes and his girl 😃

    most likely would’ve cried if watched alone in theaters and not in friend’s living room 😃

  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


    watched with commentary by robert pattinson and kristen stewart. the track is just them, no director/mediator to make sure they stay on task, and it was recorded while they were dating, which means they spend the majority of the runtime flirting. it’s cute and fun to live vicariously through :) kristen laughs at all of his stupid jokes and rob calls her sexy. he starts eating an in-n-out burger 20 minutes in? they’re so unsupervised ... eclipse should’ve been theatrically released this way?

    well worth the $4.99 i spent to buy the blu-ray because i couldn’t find the commentary track free online

  • Cruella



    i think the “why would disney make a sympathetic movie about a puppy killer? 😡” faux-outrage is the biggest SNOOZE!! you think they’re actually gonna show her killing puppies? really? think about this for more than 5 seconds then criticize this 324-billion dollar corporation for ANYTHING else! we’re drowning in a sea of reheated, lukewarm content and you’re mad at the one that lets emma stone do deranged glam-punk camp? grow UP and have some FUN!

  • Eden Lake

    Eden Lake


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    don’t have enough knowledge of english class warfare to comment, sorry! luckily i do have enough knowledge on proposal scenes to confirm this one is an all-timer (gf tries to staunch bf’s stab wound with coat, stumbles upon engagement ring in his pocket, bf launches into romantic monologue while bleeding out)

  • Smithereens



    "You know, I had this dream last night: the whole world had been blown up five years ago, right to smithereens, and everyone was just floating around on parts of it, and they hadn't even realized what had happened yet... Tell me the truth, am I like really awful or something?"

    this is the movie i've been looking for!!!! Susan Seidelman's Smithereens feels cut from a similar cloth as Barbara Loden's Wanda, but smeared in that unmistakable scuzz of New…

  • Saw 3D

    Saw 3D


    watching the first Saw: oh no jigsaw’s making a guy cut off his own leg!!!

    watching the 7th Saw: the franchise’s undeniable box office success demonstrates that it is in fact possible to integrate the new french extremity movement into the hyper-capitalist US film industry — the result is a radical, chimeric hybrid of populism and fringe interest. also jigsaw is my friend and he’s right 80% of the time

  • Saw IV

    Saw IV


    this one’s fun because the jigsaw killer finally switches it up and starts going after rapists and abusers instead of, like, people with depression

  • Saw



    ideal first date is getting caught in a sick and twisted jigsaw trap together because solving murder puzzles is inherently romantic (x-files, pushing daisies, etc), PLUS you’re permanently trauma bonded if you survive. if you don’t, to die by saw’s blade is such a heavenly way to die. there’s no way to lose

  • Columbus



    even more pin-point precise on rewatch. themes are numerous (balance and structure, responsibility vs. ambition, attention vs. interest, the burden of the future, etc.), and they stack on top of each other like concrete jenga blocks, building a modernist architectural feat like the tower featured on the poster. so lofty, yet so down-to-earth. the atmosphere is quiet and meditative -- music doesn't really kick in until the 38-minute mark, when Casey is explaining her passion for the architecture of the…

  • Crash



    watched this in the living room and now all my roommates think i want to reshape the malleable human body through the immortal steeliness of technology by doinking my car :/