Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

Looking back on this, my instinct is to point out all of the ways this is worse than Knives Out. The full cast of characters isn't nearly as fleshed out or interesting as the cast in the original. The motives for the murder are tenuous at best. There are major plot points that are never explained or even hinted at. And the location is not nearly as enticing and alluring as Harlan's mansion.

But I think quipping about all of those points would miss the still-excellent murder-mystery that Glass Onion is. The layered storytelling, the puzzles within puzzles within puzzles, the regularly funny lines and the witty script--Rian Johnson has penned another smart movie. And by the final act of the movie, I was gripped wanting to know the answer to the mysteries.

For what they're given, for the screentime they get, this cast of characters does an admirable job. Janelle Monae is a particular standout that should have earned double what everyone else in the cast did. Craig and Norton are fine, too, but Monae actually acted in this. Really impressive stuff.

Glass Onion is no Knives Out, but it's still a good mystery. And if nothing else, I'm looking forward to the third movie now!

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