Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

It has been several days since I first saw this film. Every day after, I have been thinking about it. Promising Young Woman is the kind of film that incentives a reaction but at the end it is a superficial one. I remember finishing it and being impressed. After some reflection, the flaws were more evident and harder to forgive. For me, it is similar to Get Out. Both films, use comedy elements to tackle important issues in our society (rape, racism). Both have very original concepts that make them favorites to receive recognition for their screenplays. Both are highly entertaining films. The problem is not in the things that are in the movies but in the things the screenwriters never developed. To put it this way, the screenplay is not as smart as it thing it is. Nevertheless, it has great things. Carey Mulligan commits to her role in a way that improves the screenplay and the complexity of her character. The rest of the casts is also very good. The soundtrack is perfect (I cannot believe I’m obsessed with a Paris Hilton song). The intention of the film is also worth a recognition. The result is a film that will divide audiences. I can see people getting mad at the ending (it was not a problem for me). The only thing is sure is that it will create a conversation that I hope will be more complex than what the screenplay presents. To be honest, I’ll consider rewatching this again to see if I feel the same.

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