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Jeremy Snow


In 1986 I started keeping a movie journal to track all the movies I watch and Letterboxd has become the latest incarnation of that. The first movie I…

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  • Rust Creek

    Rust Creek

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Blogging my reaction: Full Spoilers Ahead.

    I know this is a survival story in backwoods Kentucky, but I'm already frustrated. Did she really need to get out of her car to look at a map? I'm satisfied that she's able to do some damage to her attackers, but surprised she didn't go for her phone or her car rather than flee into the woods. I can accept that I suppose, but does she really think that if she yells at…

  • The Busy Barber

    The Busy Barber


    This is the barber you go to if you need your butt shaved or if you want a cow to graze on your nose hairs. Are pesky whiskers growing in your mouth? Smash 'em with a hammer!

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  • Palindromes



    Bertholt Brecht wrote about the alienation effect, a theatrical technique that prevents the audience from losing itself passively within a text or that prevents viewers from becoming too emotionally invested in an actor’s portrayal of a character. This technique detaches us from any possibility of feeling entertained or aesthetically pleased so that we can assume the role of critically conscious observer. According to Brecht, art should not induce us to feel blindly, but to think critically; we should not be…

  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Hiroshima Mon Amour


    This is a challenging film, not easy to describe or analyze, but it’s regarded as one of the great examples of French New Wave cinema. I felt completely bewildered by the oblique narrative, but there are hints of meaning as it plays out like a meditation on memory and the inexorable past. What I found most compelling were the images of Hiroshima’s victims and the dreamy memories of a French woman’s visit to a museum that depicted the devastation. The…