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  • Ju-on: The Curse
  • The Red Detachment of Women
  • The Lonely Spirit in an Old Building
  • Chungking Express

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  • Twin Sisters

    Twin Sisters



  • The Story the Biograph Told

    The Story the Biograph Told

    a cross-breeding of scandalous "peeping tom" genre and more moralistic emphases on film as (real time?) evidence recorder.

Popular reviews

  • The Red Detachment of Women

    The Red Detachment of Women


    Yes, this is a socialist era film and is quite propagandistic, but I want to show this film to my children one day.

    The songs are so beautiful, and there is romance without ever escalating to Hollywood romance - instead, what the film focuses more on is the maturation of a woman, and her awakening to broader social problems. 

    Always going to be a dear film in my heart.

  • Lan Yu

    Lan Yu


    ‘How could I have let you go so easily?’A nuanced sketch of homosexual love under other muddy circumstances such as the Tiananmen Incident and the economic boom happening in 1990s China. Kwan plays with an interesting tension between overflowing melodrama and subdued attraction, never directly showing how homosexuality is oppressed but instead making us feel a permeating restraint between Lan Yu and Handong. 

    At the end, we have a long take shot from inside handong’s car as buildings pass by, rendering us helpless in the transciency of queer love in postsocialist China.