Suspiria ★★★★

My brain still doesn’t know how to comprehend this film yet. It has a bodily, raw, skin-and-bones horror that shook me to the core - all contrasted with sensuous and energetic dancing. The fact that Suspiria is within the mise-en-scene of a dance school gives me feelings of tension; dance is usually where girls first learn to control and mold their feminine bodies.

I liked the historical depth of this adaptation but I would’ve loved to see a more lively, saturated color palette.

Practically lol (and no spoilers), idk why Susie has to go through the whole process of going to this school if she is, ultimately, what she is. The ending in general have me hereditary vibes only in that I was a bit thrown off guard and maybe felt that the nuances in the rest of the film were reduced a bit?

Overall, this is not a horror film, but a film reveling in and contemplating horror aesthetics. Beautiful and terrifying.

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