Deathgasm ★★★★

Frightfest 2015 Film # 12

Highly entertaining heavy metal horror movie made by a fan for the fans and destined to become a cult classic. Milo Cawthorne stars as Brodie a metal loving misfit who moves in with his bible bashing aunt and uncle after his mother dies. Hooking up with a few other unpopular kids they decide to form a metal band and unwittingly summon up the demon The Blind One, before long Brodie and his gang of friends must use any weapons that come to hand (from chainsaw's, weed whackers and even a massive dildo) to slay the demons and save the town.
This is a gruesome throwback to the 80's, it wears it's heart on it's sleeve and is obviously influenced by the likes of Brain Dead and The Evil Dead but the movie also has a coming of age side to it as well about a kid trying to find his place in a strange town and also had echoes of The Lost Boys and The Goonies. The mostly practical effects look terrific and the directors history in visual effects has clearly paid off. The cast are also really good with Cawthorne making for a likeable lead while James Blake shows a lot of potential as the charismatic Zakk.
Overall this is a freaking fantastic amount of fun and should have great re-watch value, an ode to both horror movies and heavy metal and if you are a fan of either you really should check it out.

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