Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy ★★★★

Celluloid Screams 2015 Film # 2

A slow building Austrian horror film about 9 year old twin brothers living in an isolated house in the country who suspect that their Mother, who has just returned from cosmetic surgery, may not be who she says she is.
This movie relies on an eerie atmosphere and a constantly building sense of dread, it's another film that your never quite sure which way its going to go, are the boys imagining things or is there really something sinister about this woman who claims to be their Mother. There are various twist's and turns along the way (I managed to guess one of the bigger twists fairly early but I don't think it hurts the film and I still had no idea on the direction it would take) before the movie changes tact for the final act and turns into a more horrific prospect including featuring one of the nastiest scenes of the year.
The film is well performed from the 3 main stars with Lukas and Elias Schwarz who play the twins coming across as naturals in front of the camera, they often communicate with each other by just a look, innocent enough looking but with just that little bit of strangeness about them to come across as slightly creepy, the directors got the casting spot on.
Overall, this is a superbly made psychological horror film that can really get under your skin, it doesn't give you easy answers and I'm looking forward to seeing what the co-writers/directors come up with next.

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