Into the Grizzly Maze ★★★

I hadn't really heard much about this film but it featured a interesting cast for a straight to DVD job and looked like an easy watch for my hungover mind so I thought I'd give it a spin.
James Marsden stars as Rowan, returning to his hometown after seven years in prison for killing a man, he is soon lifted again, this time by his cop older brother (Thomas Jane) for getting into a street brawl with a small time pimp but why has Rowan returned to the town that turned it's back on him many years ago and why is he desperate to venture into the Grizzly Maze........
This is actually a surprisingly well made killer bear movie, it's well written and keeps you guessing how the different strands to the story will come together. The cast all do good work with the likes of Scott Glenn, Michaela McManus and Billy Bob Thornton all getting substantial roles while the bear itself is an absolute beast, the scenes using CGI admittedly look pretty bad but when the real bear is used (Bart the Bear) the attacks look vicious and brutal as it mauls it's prey, it's just a pity none of the so called hunters can shoot worth a fuck.
Overall, this movie is well worth a watch for fans of survivalist/killer animal type horror's, it may lack the budget to get some off the effects spot on but it makes up for that with interesting plotting, well built tension and good performances, worth checking out.

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