Shrew's Nest

Shrew's Nest ★★★★

Dead by Dawn 2015

Slow burning but hugely entertaining horror movie/psychological family drama about two sisters who live together after there parents have passed away. The older sister Montse, played by the fantastic Macarena Gomez is an agoraphobic recluse who never leaves the flat while the younger sister (Nadia de Santiago) leads a fairly normal life. the relationship between the sisters is a tense one with Montse taking on the role of authority that tends to suffocate the younger sister and when she turns 18 this leads to resentment between them. Things take a turn for the worse when a handsome neighbour enters there life, further testing the siblings relationship.
This Spanish movie is almost a two hander, the first half is a tense family drama as it establishes the relationship between the sisters while the second half of the movie turns into an all out horror with some nasty violence and a large dose of black humour. Overall this is a top film and easy to recommend.

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