Southbound ★★★½

Glasgow Frightfest 2016 Film # 8

A strange anthology horror featuring four separate tales by four directors all involving seemingly unrelated stories of desperate soul's travelling down a deserted stretch of highway.
The film open's, then comes full circle and close's with what to me was the weakest segment, The Way In and The Way Out directed by the group of filmmakers know as Radio Silence was a fairly baffling story that isn't really made any clearer by the end segment. The one thing it get's right is the cool looking, skeletal monster's/alien's which appear to be stalking the main characters.
The middle two segment's are the film's strongest, first we have Siren by Roxanne Benjamin, featuring the best cast of all the stories, it's the tale of three girls in a garage rock band who are on their way to a gig when their van breaks down, accepting a lift from a seemingly nice couple, their night however, soon turns into nightmare when they get back to the couples isolated home. This segment immediately bleeds into the next, David Bruckner's The Accident is easily the goriest of the four story's, a man on his way home to his wife hit's a young girl in the middle of nowhere but when he phone's 911 someone takes the chance to play a twisted game with him that takes advantage of his obvious panic.
The final segment is another really strange one, Patrick Horvath's Jailbreak is the story of a guy looking to save his sister from a town full of vampire type creatures, the only problem being his sister doesn't want to be saved and isn't happy to see him. The film then goes full circle and tries to shine some clarity on the first story but I still didn't get it.
Overall, as with most of these type's of film's this is a bit hit or miss but I think the middle two segments are strong enough to make this worthwhile checking out.

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