The Overnight

The Overnight ★★½

Writer/director Patrick Brice follows up last years found footage psychological horror movie with this, a hard film to pin down, it's not your standard rom-com for sure, more like a psychological sex comedy, if that's a thing?
Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling star as Alex and Emily, a thirty-something couple who have just moved to L.A. from Seattle. While at the play park one day with their young son they run into Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) an artsy, new-age hippy type who also has a young son, they get to talking and as they don't have any friends in the area accept an invitation back to Kurt's for dinner where they meet his French wife Charlotte (Judith Godreche). From here the film takes various twists and turns as more alcohol flows things become stranger and stranger.
This is the kind of film where it's probably better to go in cold, I must admit that I didn't love it but there are enough laugh's to be had at the awkward situations that I found it to be entertaining enough. The cast all do a good job with their role's with Adam Scott being the standout, constantly like a deer caught in the headlights, his socially awkward persona perfectly suited the role, although he definitely drew the short straw when the prosthetic cock's came out.
Overall, this was a well written film, quirky and even insightful in place's but for me there was something missing but at only 80 minutes long it never drags and it least it tries to be a bit different.

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