Elektra ★★

First off, I am not a big fan of superhero movies, so bear that in mind as you read my review. I also haven't read any superhero comics, so I have no possible way to compare the movie with the comic, nor do I really care to be honest.

So Elektra was alright, but only barely. What I liked are the following things:

* Humor kept to a minimum (if you could even say that there is any)
* An anti-superhero who is actually a hired assassin
* A superhero with OCD (could have been utilized more, but it was a nice touch)
* Jason Isaac and his character (it is just a cameo, but we don't get many bad guys who realize that they are fucked and show fear, I liked that)
* The character of Abby (she feels very natural, even when she learn her true identity)
* Terrence Stamp (solid performance and probably the most interesting character in the movie)
* No Stan Lee cameo! (Thank god, or at least if it was there, I was just blessed to not notice it)

And yeah, I understand that what most people like about Marvel movies these days are the exact opposite of the above, which is fine. There should be movies for everyone.

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