Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

More like Wrath of Mann, ammirite?

As someone who doesn't always fall for Guy Ritchie's trademark comedic machismo (I do love RocknRolla though), Wrath of Man is a great idea on paper; a broodier and more sinister Ritchie film. And for roughly the first half, I was very much with it. For the first time, I actually found myself admiring Ritchie's meanness, as if he was trying to deconstruct his manly ego; Josh Hartnett's character in particular has a fascinating arc that supports this.

It's not until the plot kicks in where the film begins to lose me, rendering Jason Statham into a non-character in what was set up to be his movie, and fully embracing the very things the first half seemed to be critiquing. It's unfortunate too, as Statham gives a legitimately great performance in this, might even be his best.

Christopher Benstead's score kicks all the butts.

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