Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

There's a darkness inside Laura Palmer. Something that is eating her from the inside as she enters an underworld of drugs, sex, and unspeakable horrors. She pushes away everyone that she loves and cares for so that darkness won't seep into them. But there's a light inside of her. A light that wants to shine but never will as its taken away from her too soon. These are the last seven days of Laura Palmer's life. 

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is what David Lynch always wanted out of Twin Peaks that he couldn't get away with on network TV. Not only mature in its content but mature in its themes of individual darkness overtaking someone. The powers of abuse that cycle and cycle until the life is taken out of them. This is quite possibly one of the greatest films ever made. If I was alive in 1992, I'd be singing this films praises. It's everything o love about film rolled up into a dark, twisted fairy tale. Lynch is able to over exaggerate characters emotions but it's never out of place. These people want to better themselves but won't allow it. 

This is quite a satisfying payoff for fans of Twin Peaks but I think you can enjoy this film without having seen the show. But I still recommend watching the show cause 1) It's amazing and 2) You will find more satisfaction watching this and seeing characters from the show before the show begins. 

Cooper isn't a big part of the film but he does have an important role in the film. Lynch knows when to call back to the source material but overall he makes a great film that everyone should watch. 

I don't understand the hate this film got because it's classic and essential Lynch. Everything Lynch has made has lead up to this towering achievement of a film that I think surpasses the TV show. A flame that is eternal so let us walk with it.

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