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  • Wildlife


    wow they made a whole movie of the scenes from The Sopranos where Carmela makes AJ come with her to visit Furio

  • Traffic


    Generally a sharper script than it’s got credit for. I was struck by the rhyming of the two final scenes: Cheadle planting the bug followed by Douglas announcing in the group meeting that he’s “here to listen”. Its productive, Soderberghian tendencies knock against its worst: Douglas inhabiting the “my daughter, the addict” storyline blunts the procedural material’s impact, his first days on the job as drug czar a blind-man-and-the-elephant evocation of the narco-state’s vastness. Also, a pre-9/11, post-Clinton film that…

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  • Pompeii



    Rather baffled by reviews of this, which seem to discount the possibility that any film hitting the same historical-epic-romance beats as TITANIC or PEARL HARBOR could possibly be interesting while doing such. The pans have rightly honed in on the second-act climax in the arena (a sequence so long and emotionally exhausting it seems, in retrospect, to consume the entire movie) as Anderson at his peak, but this is not the only locale where POMPEII is worthy of our praise.…

  • A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale


    Definitely the most pleasurable of the nine Rohmers I've seen - it's easier to enjoy the dialogue, beach vistas and attractive French youths with a relative lack of perverse behavior on display. Wanted the final shot to underscore this as really a story of Margot's summer. Weird watching this in a theatre with Very Serious Old People, because I spend these movies squirming in my seat and laughing nervously a lot. No one else made a sound.