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This review may contain spoilers.

The point in Tenet where your brain gives up trying to understand the plot or decipher dialogue (muddied through a combination of oxygen mask/various accents/backward speech) and just revels in the lunacy of it all is not altogether unsatisfying.

There are a lot of individual Nolan-isms that resurface here in exaggerated ways. Favorites: the sixty lines of dialogue taken to establish minor plot business like the art forgery ruse; the terrible clock management in the finale resurfacing from the climax of Dark Knight Rises; the part where a character explains that literally all of humanity throughout history may be annihilated and without missing a beat the lone woman onscreen jumps in with "including my son?"

To best summarize my appreciation for Nolan's particular strengths and my frustration with his limitations, I would point to the line "I think this is the end of a beautiful friendship." That, in itself, is a succinct and satisfying summary of a complicated idea expressed in terms of genre convention that you could very well imagine as the genesis for this entire project. It is also surrounded by that character artlessly explaining the same thing with eight other lines of dialogue.

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