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One time Michael Ironside poked me in the belly.

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  • Clifford
  • Mike's Murder
  • One from the Heart
  • Zandalee

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  • Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool

  • Yentl

  • No Hard Feelings

  • House of Games

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  • Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool

    Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool

    I was one of the people who got yelled at for laughing during the "No Breath Holding" bit when I saw this show live. Sorry if this doesn't qualify as a "review"!

  • Yentl


    Despite its reputation, I was still not completely prepared for how gay this was. I think if I was exposed to Mandy Patinkin in this when I was a a kid... I dunno... there's a chance things might have turned out differently for me.

    From Wikipedia:

    [Streisand's] attitude regarding her age quickly changed after she disguised herself as a man, temporarily confusing [Jon] Peters into thinking that a stranger had broken into the house. Peters, now convinced of her ability to play a male, agreed to sign a three-year production contract with Orion Pictures in March 1978.

Popular reviews

  • I Like Movies

    I Like Movies

    It affected me emotionally and that's the greatest compliment you can pay a filmmaker.

  • The Killer

    The Killer

    Lol @ the people complaining about this being style over substance while knowing damn well if it was made by some guy named Chad you'd be creaming in your jorts. David Fincher made a new movie that's... good. And that's good! He's allowed to make a movie that's just good. Give the old man a break. Rez/Ross score and slick editing and Fassbender's fab collection of bucket hats aside, I loved that this movie was mostly about him fucking up…