American Hunter

American Hunter ★★★

After the announcement that Indonesian director Arizal (erroneously reported as being deceased) would be helming the newest Silver Surfer reboot with Christopher Mitchum in the lead, I wanted to check out some of the duos earlier work in anticipation. Witnessing what they did here I can see why they were inducted into the MCU and given a $175 million budget to play with.

Total lunacy. Not a minute goes by that doesn't contain someone or thing getting kicked, slapped, or blown up. No real plot that I was able to discern, but in the wise words of @shermer85: "yeah you don't need that". Bill “Superfoot” Wallace is a very charismatic villain, Mitchum wears the hell out of his denim collection, and helicopters are either under or over utilized - I'm not sure which.

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