Tenet ★★

You know that feeling when you're in a work meeting and you realize you don't really care what the director of finance or whoever is holding the meeting has to say so you just sit there pretending like you're engaged but after a while you get shifty and start looking around to try and make eye contact with any friends you have in the room and realize you don't even really like anyone at your office and even though they wear super cool suits and have great haircuts they're all kind of just lame and boring and even though that realization is a bit of of a bummer you're thankful for the fact that the PowerPoint presentation is being projected on a really impressive state-of-the art plasma TV so you're still kind of into it (because when you get a powerpoint up on that baby you are SERIOUSLY looking at that powerpoint) and then the meeting ends and you leave the room and realize you already forgot everything that happened?

Well anyway I saw Tenet tonight. When I left the theatre I overheard someone who probably gave me covid say "that Russian actor was fantastic!"

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