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  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson


    "An elk doesn't know how many feet a horse has!" - Maybe it was just faith, falling for this one. One of the greatest fans of "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid" and "The Outlaw Josey Wales", both also slow burning westerns, who avoid the violence for action. A true search for freedom in silence. What a truly stunning cinematography. Helps to immerse in the expedition of a lifetime. The wolves scene rules, better than "The Revenant". Till now one of my favorite Pollack's.

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  • The Hero

    The Hero


    "Movies are other people's dreams." - A beautiful and intimate portrait of a dying actor. Barry Levinson tried exactly the same a few years ago with Al Pacino in "The Humbling". Although that wasn't bad, Sam Elliott kills it. His clarely still able to perform. The alchemy with Prepon drips off the screen. Everyone will recognize something in this family drama. Impressed that it touched me in the way it did.

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  • Black



    Once upon a time there were two xenophobic Moroccan-Belgian directors who wanted an esthetic excuse, to express their racism against the Congolese community. This romeo and julia rip-off against the backdrop of gang-violence in the capital of Europe, made this possible. While the criminal tendencies of the Moroccan gang are romanticised, the Congolese tribe is painted as completely moral degenerates. As I am raised near Brussels, I strongly condemn this picture! Even if a lot of scenes where superficially striking to the eye. Adil El Arbi's political and ideological exploitations in Belgian mass media should be questioned...

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  • Bare



    Will she be able to turn back her decisions? - An interesting ride it was. I thought that Paz de la Huerta's career was going to end where it really took off, at Choke (2008) and Noë's Enter The Void (2009). The recent Nurse (2013), was pretty much garbage. Here she is casted in a role once again that's written on her body. The performance by Dianna Agron is at least a pleasant surprise. An easy, well paced story. Hated…