Parasite ★★★★★

I watched this two nights ago but I wanted to wait a bit and process what I saw before reviewing it on here.

This could be the best film I’ve seen in years, it was incredible. The way it mixes different genres around with ease is a joy to watch and at the end it leaves you questioning what you’ve just witnessed (in a very good way)

It’s bold, it’s creepy, it’s funny, it’s a damn rollercoaster at times. The themes about classism is not alien to me as it’s something that happens in the UK quite a lot but you feel a better understanding of how it goes on in Korea. I like the twists and turns the film takes and the pacing never slows down.

I’d say it’s the best foreign film I’ve ever seen and I didn’t think another Korean film could top Burning, which I loved but this was something else. It’s a weird trip into the mind of a family willing to do anything to better their lives and get the respect they feel they deserve. Amazing film, easily 2019’s best.

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