Roma ★★★★½

Should this film deserve Best Picture over Green Book? I believe so.

This is Cuaron's most personal project and his direction really reflects this effectively. This film is not a plot-heavy film, but rather, an exploration of a housemaid. What this does well is depicting the struggles of a housemaid, as well as humanity in general. It also uses a lot of visuals to describe a sense of hope in uncomfortable settings.

This film is relatively similar to Belfast and Nomadland. Belfast is out of focus at times, while Roma handles the focus on the housemaid perfectly. The style of this film is exactly the same as Nomadland. If you don't enjoy a film with not much plot, this is NOT for you.

Aparicio is very good as Cleo and Marina de Tavira does a fantastic job as a mother who faced many problems. The cinematography is magnificent. The black and white film really creates a timeless feeling. There are a lot of tracking shots (especially the beach scene) that are very impressive, almost like a flow of time. The movie is very slow at times, but the editing handles well.

I liked the use of sound design that creates a horror feeling (waves crashing) and silence at times. The production design is brilliant - in fact, I actually didn't expect Mexico to actually look very modern in the 70s!

This film is definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy slow and lack of plot films like Nomadland, I think you may enjoy this. Worth watching if this is the type of film you enjoy watching.

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