The Cameraman

The Cameraman ★★★★

Three Buster Keaton reviews below:

1. Sherlock Jr (82)

The direction is really good, the plot is great! I do particularly love the action sequences (just like Bond) and the transition from the projector to the dream sequence is still fantastic. The acting in this one is top notch. The editing is very good.

Must watch for film fans!

2. The General (97)

The direction is perfect, the plot is top notch. The action sequences are some of the best I have seen. The opening might be a bit slow, but eventually gets exciting. Of course, the acting is perfect and the editing is extremely well done.

Must watch for film fans!

3. The Cameraman (80)

The direction is not the best, the plot is not as well developed compared to the other two. It's not as exciting, but there are several funny scenes. Buster Keaton did great and I think the monkey deserves praise too. The editing is fine, but nothing too special.

Highly recommended!

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