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  • L'Avventura



    "Who needs beautiful things nowadays, Claudia? How long will they last? All of this was built to last centuries. Today, ten, twenty years at the most, and then? Well..."

    Self-sabotage in a barren and desolate world, the wealthy wrecking lives and creating chaos—a shark sighting, an affair or two or three, a disappearance, a spilled bottle of ink—to try and leave some impact on the physical world. They try to convert emotion into reality—or create emotion where there is none,…

  • Portrait of Jennie

    Portrait of Jennie


    Fuck, how does this even exist? It's like it was personally crafted just for me. THE PORTRAIT OF JENNIE is a perfect film in an achingly brief 86 minutes, and it effortlessly achieves the dreamy mythic quality of a long-lost story from childhood. Jennifer Jones is simply luminous, turning in her second quietly staggering performance, after CLUNY BROWN.

    While Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones’s transcendental romance configures them as specters adrift in their own world, this gentle fantasy is grounded…

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  • Columbo: Étude in Black

    Columbo: Étude in Black


    spent New Year's Eve with a humidifier, two boxes of tissues, and my boyfriend Peter Falk <3

  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


    Thought A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD was pretty thoughtful and considered until I read the real Esquire article by Tom Junod and now the film looks like it’s got all the depth of a duck pond (and none of Junod’s wit).

    Tom Hanks doing perhaps his most interesting work in years but it’s all a bit too slippery; the film never goes as far as you want it to go...but goes exactly where you expect it to go (pat ending, neat bow). 

    but Matthew Rhys hot and angry and angry-hot, so worth a watch in the end.

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  • Roma



    Leave Bazin out of this, thanks.

    I’ve only got some messy unformed thoughts on this right now, but I am undeniably disgusted with how Cuarón cannibalizes Cleo’s—and, therefore, Libo’s—
    perspective and identity. 

    The Variety article on Cuarón’s filmmaking process is very telling and discomforting, as it divulges the ways Cuarón mined his own nanny’s life (without prior consent). And then there’s this:

    “As his own social awakening began to take hold in later years, Cuarón realized the obvious: Rodríguez was…

  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    Contemplating suing BU for the cost of my tuition because in all my film classes there was never a single screening or even a mention of an Elaine May film, so clearly this cinema studies degree is fucking W O R T H L E S S