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  • L'Avventura



    "Who needs beautiful things nowadays, Claudia? How long will they last? All of this was built to last centuries. Today, ten, twenty years at the most, and then? Well..."

    Self-sabotage in a barren and desolate world, the wealthy wrecking lives and creating chaos—a shark sighting, an affair or two or three, a disappearance, a spilled bottle of ink—to try and leave some impact on the physical world. They try to convert emotion into reality—or create emotion where there is none,…

  • The Clock

    The Clock


    91/100 (4.5)
    A marvelous combination of naturalism and Hollywood romanticism, where the smaller moments of exchanging get-to-know-yous atop some priceless bit of history in the Met, delivering milk bottles in the wee hours of the morning, and sharing a cozy breakfast after a sleepless night are just as magical and intimate as their meet-cute, walk in Central Park, or first kiss.

    Someone on here described it as a mashup of Brief Encounter and Before Sunrise which is on point, but…

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  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind

    It took 48 years for Welles’s dizzying, splinter-sharp kaleidoscopic vision to be realized, and it’ll take me another 48 to process it all. They say a magician never reveals his secrets; I can’t wait to penetrate this film’s many enigmatic forms and facets, but also hope I never fully escape its thrall.

  • Crossing Delancey

    Crossing Delancey

    My heart feels so warm.

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  • The Great Dictator

    The Great Dictator


    93/100 (4.5+) 
    We decided to screen THE GREAT DICTATOR on Election Day for my school's Film Society...a more prescient choice than we ever could have imagined.

    I was furiously refreshing the vote trackers as I watched. As Chaplin gave his famous speech, Trump was winning in Florida, beginning to win the race...I was holding back tears.

    " I should like to help everyone - if possible - Jew, Gentile - black man - white. We all want to help one…

  • Arrival



    The lyricism and poetry of the visuals prove that ARRIVAL is not your average science-fiction film. Oh, it may be marketed as a blockbuster—it may perform like a blockbuster, going by its $24 million debut—but its central conceit (aliens arriving on Earth) is the most typical thing about it. In most scenarios what would come next would be a dance of dystopian destruction, a man versus alien battle. ARRIVAL takes a comparatively fresh approach; it is a mature meditation on…