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  • L'Avventura



    "Who needs beautiful things nowadays, Claudia? How long will they last? All of this was built to last centuries. Today, ten, twenty years at the most, and then? Well..."

    Self-sabotage in a barren and desolate world, the wealthy wrecking lives and creating chaos—a shark sighting, an affair or two or three, a disappearance, a spilled bottle of ink—to try and leave some impact on the physical world. They try to convert emotion into reality—or create emotion where there is none,…

  • The Clock

    The Clock


    91/100 (4.5)
    A marvelous combination of naturalism and Hollywood romanticism, where the smaller moments of exchanging get-to-know-yous atop some priceless bit of history in the Met, delivering milk bottles in the wee hours of the morning, and sharing a cozy breakfast after a sleepless night are just as magical and intimate as their meet-cute, walk in Central Park, or first kiss.

    Someone on here described it as a mashup of Brief Encounter and Before Sunrise which is on point, but…

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  • Thieves Like Us

    Thieves Like Us

    WELL, I’VE DONE IT! I’ve found an Altman film I’m not in love with, after 6 straight hits.

    I can still see why people praise it; after all, there’s a lot of great Altman tendencies in here. At some points I even prefer it to BONNIE AND CLYDE (even if I think that film is better and more successful overall). But THEY LIVE BY NIGHT is too ingrained in my mind, and Altman doesn’t do enough to distinguish this as…

  • Collateral



    Hypothesis: from my limited experience, the best Tom Cruise roles involve him getting up to shenanigans (and engaging with his dark impulses) at nighttime.

    Read that at one point one of my most hated actors/truest enemies Russell Crowe was supposed to play Vincent; instead I was blessed with silver fox Tom Cruise--looking like Leland Palmer and yet still super hot--so maybe there is a god.

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  • Roma



    Leave Bazin out of this, thanks.

    I’ve only got some messy unformed thoughts on this right now, but I am undeniably disgusted with how Cuarón cannibalizes Cleo’s—and, therefore, Libo’s—
    perspective and identity. 

    The Variety article on Cuarón’s filmmaking process is very telling and discomforting, as it divulges the ways Cuarón mined his own nanny’s life (without prior consent). And then there’s this:

    “As his own social awakening began to take hold in later years, Cuarón realized the obvious: Rodríguez was…

  • The Lady from Shanghai

    The Lady from Shanghai


    I am exactly shallow enough that this would be a 5 star movie if Rita had her usual hair and Orson kept his mouth shut; as it is, they’re still immensely hot, as is this movie. An unpopular take, but I probably enjoy this one more than both THE STRANGER and TOUCH OF EVIL, though the latter is probably the most technically accomplished and ambitious of the lot...but this one ticks off all my noir boxes and is so damn pretty to look at.