It ★★★½

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this movie. I watched it in installments in the morning while getting ready for work thanks to my attention span, which may have had some effect but I probably would've felt the same way if I had seen it in theatres, only likely way more scared lmao

On the one hand:
- If we had more female screenwriters then we wouldn't have 13 year olds kissing in movies that were written and directed by grown ass adults made FOR the adult gaze and we wouldn't have the girls being kidnapped only to be saved by getting a kiss from a boy (did I mention he's like 13?) and THEN to kiss another one of the boys (who's also like 13!!!!) later
- This movie should've been 8000x times more diverse (really?? you're doing a remake of a movie in the year of our lorde 2017 and you have one (1) person of colour in the group, one (1) girl, and approximately zero (0) LGBT+ characters?? ok)
- It's sus to me that they go after It for the kidnapping of this girl they've not had much time to bond with and yet didn't wanna risk their lives for their utter best friend's little brother who they've presumably known for much longer?? Incheresting writing
- I expected Pennywise to be in more than approximately 20 minutes of the movie? Bill really did That though

On the other hand, the kids were easily what made this movie watchable, the dialogue was funny, I liked them facing their fear and coming together like that was a cute message, and I did think about how much I wanted to finish the last 30 minutes while I was at work all day yesterday so I must've enjoyed it more than my brain really wants to admit. Objectively it was fun and tbh I'll probably watch the second one skjdhfs altho idk if I could deal with clowns in theatres...

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