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  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    "Just because somebody leaves... Just because somebody chooses to leave, that doesn't mean they didn't want to be here with you. It means they had a hard time with things. It's a lot for some people."
    This was an indie movie that was written, directed and starred by one person (Jim Cummings) - and actually worked on all counts. Billed as a dramedy, it didn't really contain much comedy. But it was certainly heavy and well done and never lost…

  • Fright Night

    Fright Night


    "Mr. Vincent. I've seen all of your films. And I found them... very amusing."
    Our 2nd feature of the outdoor movie night was this one. I hadn't seen this in close to 20 years.. and it does not age as well. I almost dropped half a star due to long, really slow and contrived buildup and really terrible acting. Only the last 20 minutes or so saves it. Still fun, just not quite as fun as I remembered it to be..

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  • Microwave Massacre

    Microwave Massacre


    "Well, the only problem is, I can't make love to a woman, unless I eat her." I had always thought that I had seen this, but apparently not. For the first 20 minutes or so.. I thought - this is going to be an instant classic. Then it just dragged on with badddd jokes. The naked ladies helped the proceedings, but otherwise - it was a dull story and not really engaging. I have seen worse, believe me! But this just had SO much potential. Still, pretty fun and short and worth it for some of us bad movie connoisseurs!

  • The Mortuary Collection

    The Mortuary Collection


    Really nicely done anthology that is perfect for the Halloween season. Even has a great tie-together wrap-around instead of just a host presenting the tales. The stories were all generally quite good and well directed/acted. Plenty of gore. These have been done to death, but they tend to be good/great quite often and this one is right up there! Recommended for the Halloween season!!