After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

I almost feel bad laughing at this man's unending misfortune but, goddamn it, it was just so much fun.

A small glimpse into the life of Paul Hackett over the course of a New York night where nothing goes right and everything is connected, this movie is probably the breeziest and most elegantly paced Scorsese has ever made. Seeing this dude go through this endless night, in which things only get worse and worse as it progresses is totally rife with story potential as well as moments of dramatic irony and Scorsese absolutely nails it. It's a story entirely driven on the central character simply lacking the means to finally get back home for a good night's sleep and I think that's very funny. The movie as a whole is hilarious, honestly, ant it only gets funnier as it goes on and the circumstances become more and more dire. The cast of colourful and unique characters met along the way are so much fun and so well established. Paul Hackett is both a perfectly tragic and surprisingly hilarious lead through all the mishaps and tough situations he is trapped into. The entire narrative of this is so beautifully and intricately crafted that it makes for such a compelling and thrilling watch and is one I'm bound to go back to many times.

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