Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

"Why is this movie so long?" *checks runtime* "Oh no."

I am defeated. I am beaten. I am broken. Fucking hell man, this movie really got under my skin in parts; and not in the way you'd actually want a horror movie to do. Parts of this movie are okay, really, but the feminist themes, woman empowerment, and male demonization are not well-executed in the slightest and just come off really preachy, ham-fisted, and are impossible to take seriously. These elments aboslutely COULD work, and they have in the past, but it's just not subtle in the slightest and makes the viewer feel like they're being talked down to. This movie, ironically enough, is mansplaining misogyny and that is the absolute best way to totally fail what they're trying to accomplish. Not only that, but the actual horror elements of this are mostly boring, don't quite work and almost feel like an afterthought. On top of all this, it just takes forever for this movie to go anywhere. So, this is a feminist horror movie that fails to present a meaningful feminist message, fails to create effective horror, and fails to be an engaging or entertaining movie. This movie drained my life essence.

Imogen Poots was pretty good though. 😊

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