Cherry ★★★★★

cherry is an intense and incredibly gripping film accompanied by the most beautiful score and performances you can never truly prepare yourself for. this is such a captivating experience from start to finish and one that lingers long after the credits roll. 

the absolute talent of tom holland is indescribable and his performance here is one that truly showcases his abilities to the greatest extent. he is simply phenomenal and deserving of the utmost recognition for his transformation into a character unlike anything we have seen from him in the past. he disappears into his character and becomes someone who is unrecognizable which truly speaks to what he is capable of. tom’s acting exceeds every expectation i had for him in this film and i have been left speechless by his ability to deliver in such an emotionally and physically demanding role. 

ciara bravo is undeniably talented and the chemistry she shares with tom displayed through the relationship between cherry and emily serves as the foundation that holds the film together. their pure vulnerability and raw emotions portrayed on screen really strengthen the underlying message to the point where it is so paralyzingly real. 

the pacing of the film is fairly straightforward and cohesive within each chapter however i’m not the greatest fan of the stylistic choices. some of the editing is just off-putting and the script could have definitely been better. i will finally know peace when tom holland is free from the shackles of the russo brothers.

i will also say that this film is not for everyone. the subject matter can be extremely triggering for some so i hope that if you decide to give it a watch you are being mindful of your personal well-being and limits.

overall, cherry is an incredible film and the epilogue is the perfect conclusion to the narrator’s story. the final scene is nothing less than perfect and it is something that will never fail to bring me to tears. i am so so so extremely proud of all of the hard work that has been devoted to this film, it did not disappoint in the slightest.

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