The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

foaming at the mouth shaking screaming dry heaving the batman (2022) is a literal masterpiece made by sexy horny people for sexy horny people! i am quite literally losing my mind at the chemistry between robert and zoë, they were made to be bruce and selina it’s actually crazy. the moments they shared on screen are simply unmatched when it comes to superhero duos i'm sorry! 

the riddler casting could not be more perfect because if there’s one thing about paul dano, he’s going to deliver the most haunting performance you’ve ever seen. matt reeves knew exactly what he was doing teasing barry keoghan’s voice for 45 seconds it had me blushing and giggling so hard. lastly, i want to fuck these visuals so bad the cinematography is just inanity as well as the score, what an easy 100/10.

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