A Place in the Sun ★★★★

The acting Montgomery Clift could do with his eyes alone is astounding. You could watch just his eyes and know exactly what is going on, it really is like watching the sadness of the world pass through them. Even when the camera is not fixed on his face, he is unbelievably expressive even just through his body language and movement. Clift is an especially adept actor and I love how he always seems unsure of his own emotions and consequently surprised by the depth of them. It is an intensely emotional experience watching him experience emotions and try to cope with them, and I struggle to think of another actor who really evokes emotion that deeply in me. I haven't seen near enough of Clift's work, but I deeply wish he was celebrated as an icon in the same way that James Dean is today in pop culture. He was gone far too soon, but really had an indelible impact on film and acting.

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