Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

as others have said, a very challenging watch. i know it's supposed to be but i had a hard time vibing w it (the bo burnham plot- calling her a stupid bitch/miserable asshole/showing up at her work despite how many times she'd declined him, even tho he has a great job and is otherwise "nice." i could see myself being charmed by someone like that, even in the face of (not so) casual mistreatment. which scares me a little tbh.)

another thing is afaik, the parents of children who have passed usually stay close to the friends. the mom telling cassie to "move on" and that nina wouldn't be happy with them still talking kinda rubbed me the wrong way. obviously it's not good to live in the past, but keeping that connection is important.

that said i suddenly really want bangs now, and rainbow nails and all her outfits

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