Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain ★★★★

JB's rating: 6/10
"Very slow."

Yes, but the meditative pace is nice. It matches the tranquillity of their getaways together and the waiting they endure in between them.

I had a professor in college who didn't care for this because he said it made homosexuality a tragedy that the two men never reclaim. It doesn't empower queerness; it's a gay movie for straight people.

But I think that's okay; the Hollywood-ness of its emotions and star power and its accessibility... even if it's just depressing from beginning to end, even if it was reduced to homophobic jokes and a runner-up position at the Oscars. Maybe one day it will seem more problematic, but if nothing else, Ang Lee shows a vulnerable side and Rodrigo Prieto gave us some beautiful cinematography.

Let's be real though, this movie has no clue how gay sex works.

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