Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★

Shamelessly manipulative, unfathomably clichéd, gimmicky, and full of fan-service...and it's pretty damn fun. Still, I think just because the teens were so unbearable here, I'd place it pretty low with either franchise.

If they're not being annoying or stupid (or brilliant when the plot grants them information), then they're total assholes. Then there's other stuff like the pinball sound effects when Freddy is throwing Jason around, the demon eel hitting a bong...I can only take so much.

But their face-off overall is fun. Even though I think Freddy wasn't as satisfying as usual, the Jason moments are great. Giving Jason mouth-to-mouth is definitely the grossest thing to happen in any of his entries. If the violence in Jason's remake is this crazy, I think it'll be a fun time. I can't say I've heard anything good about Freddy's, though.

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