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  • Coco



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Mid-Tier Pixar, but still very good. First of all, this thing is just beautiful to look at. Every frame is overflowing with vibrant colors and an incredible level of detail. The work that went into all the designs - from the sets to the characters and everything in between - is very impressive. My main issue with the film, however, is the story; it's clumsy and telegraphed in a way that Pixar movies tend to avoid. I don't mind so…

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


    I have to admit to having been slightly underwhelmed by this, despite still liking it a good deal. The story is thoughtful but entertaining, the characters are complex and memorable, the dialogue is acerbic, and the acting is uniformly excellent. But after starting out so well, I found myself far less invested in the goings on by the end than I was in the beginning. I've had trouble putting my finger exactly on why this is, but I think it…

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  • Krampus



    Perfectly recaptures the mid-80's Amblin spirit of something like Gremlins. That film is the closest and most obvious comparison, but it's still an apt one, and if that kind of film is what you are hoping for, then Krampus does not disappoint. This is the rarest of breeds: a PG-13 horror comedy that is both funny and yet still brutal and horrific. PG-13 horror movies tend to be toothless, but Krampus more than makes up for a lack of literal…

  • Walking With Dinosaurs

    Walking With Dinosaurs

    Agonizingly, shockingly awful. The effects might be pretty good, but everything surrounding them is a heaping pile of shit. The movie is less about watching a bunch of dinosaurs do dinosaur things and more about John Leguizamo cracking anachronistic jokes. "Worst. Migration. Ever." "You just got served!" "Go back to Turkey town!" These are all things that are said by dinosaurs. Uuugggghhhh this movie was just so fucking bad I can't even believe it.

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