Gus ★★½

Just as stupid as you'd expect, which I suppose is both good and bad. There's not a whole lot of intentional humor that works here, because the whole thing is targeted at 5-year-olds who will laugh at the sound of a slide whistle. On the other hand, there are laughs, mostly due to the incredibly cheap nature of the production, which makes extensive use of awful rear-projection and attempts to recreate the Super Bowl in what looks like someone's front yard. There's also an endless chase around a Ralphs which is kind of funny if only because of how blatantly obvious the gags are (if an employee is stacking something delicate in a pyramid display, you can bet your ass someone is gonna fall into it). Ed Asner also gets some laughs, both because he's literally always smoking a cigar, but also because from frame one he looks like he's had it up to here with this shit. And not for nothing, but the mule is actually kinda cute. I'm not sure if there's a better way to make a movie about a field-goal-kicking Yugoslavian mule, but I kinda wish there was.

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