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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    I love the look and story of this film. It lives up to the high bar of the original. I particularly like how it ends. There's clearly this large overarching narrative and world, but the film chooses to focus on the human* relationships at play. I really respect that.

    The sets and colors throughout are spectacular. While the setting is grim and dark and wet, there's still distinctive colors and settings.

    It pays homage to the original and expands the…

  • Blade Runner 2022: Black Out

    Blade Runner 2022: Black Out

    I'm surprised by how much is packed into a 15 minute run time. The characters aren't as fleshed out as in a feature, but I was surprisingly drawn into the two leads. The action scenes near the end are spectacular. Also, the experimental desert combat scene blew me away. Good stuff.

    It's awesome that an official anime of Blade Runner exists, even though it is a short. I'd love to see a feature length set in the same universe.

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  • What the Health

    What the Health

    What the Health is a documentary about the impact of animal products on diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Please watch this documentary.

    Even if you don't cut out meat, dairy, eggs, etc. from your diet, it's worth knowing the risks associated with it. The documentary does a good job of visualizing and showing those risks. 

    For me, eating a plant-based vegan diet for the past two years has had a positive impact on my life. It's one of the best…

  • Vertigo



    Is something wrong with me? I didn't enjoy Vertigo much at all. It's too long, a bit boring, and the twists aren't all that plausible or shocking. The treatment of women in this film is troubling, much like Hitchcock's other films. 

    I enjoyed the shots of San Francisco. And some of the special effects hold up. But I can't find much else to say that's positive right now. 

    I've regularly heard/read over the years about how meticulous Hitchcock is with…