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  • Reversing Roe

    Reversing Roe


    “Reversing Roe” doesn’t break new ground or give a particularly deep dive into any one aspect of the issue of abortion, but it is a very good primer to the modern history and recent events surrounding the issue, both in activism and law. I was pleased by the documentary’s decision to interview leaders of the pro-life movement even in a pro-choice film: doing so often strengthened the movie’s opposing perspective, along with the movie itself.

  • The Slumber Party Massacre

    The Slumber Party Massacre


    “The Slumber Party Massacre” is a fascinating film, because in its original version it was written as a parody of slasher films by feminist author Rita Mae Brown. However, producers got ahold of it and did their best to turn it into an actual slasher film. Thus, the film serves as a bizarre thematic Frankenstein featuring both the unironic gratuitous excesses the subgenre was known for and self-aware critiques of those same excesses. There are scenes where it’s actually hard…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    [Content warning for rape]

    Not just one of the best horror movies of this decade, nor just one of the best horror movies of all time: "It Follows" is one of the best movies of all time.

    Before going into analysis of the movie, I'd like to note all of the things which make the movie itself incredible. "It Follows" has brilliant cinematography which stylishly utilizes centering of subjects and rotating and tracking shots; incredible lighting and coloring; an intense…

  • Mandy



    [Content warning for heavy violence, a scene of non-physical sexual abuse, and generally abusive behavior towards women from the antagonist]

    "Mandy" is one-of-a-kind. Slow and surreal, the movie is highly stylized in a trippy, cosmic sort of way, and features some of the most beautiful color and lighting work I've ever seen in any movie. It's beauty is complimented by a great score, one of the last ever made by the recently-deceased genius Jóhann Jóhannsson. Also integral to the film…