Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Fun as hell, funny as hell, ear-to-ear smile from the moment I stepped into the theater. Beautiful, warm nostalgia with a perfected soundtrack.

Pitt plays the most alright-alright-alright-cool character since McConaughey's prototype (only with a stronger moral compass when it comes to age of consent) but is sporadically electric in often hilarious ways. Leo is great in the much more dynamic role and I expect my appreciation of his performance to appreciate with time. Robbie is great in short supply. Pacino is great. Everyone is great. Awesome cameos. Quite possibly the winningest (or least-expected) performance comes from a tween. Julia Butters, Best Supporting (/Most Adorable) Actress. That's about as precocious I've found a young actor (NOT "actress," actually! A nonsensical title) since Sheridan in Mud or MBB in Stranger Things.

I won't waste the time or space listing my narrative and pacing nitpicks (I hesitate to use the word "flaws"), partly because they will mostly evaporate with time and partly because this was just such a fantastic film and cool moviegoing experience and what can I say, I'm a QT loyalist/apologist.

Can't wait to see this again (this weekend) and again and again, and again and again. An A+ Pregame Movie á la Pulp Fiction as well, that's for sure. Gonna need to own this one.

(4-star rating subject to inflate)

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