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  • Begotten



    Went digging through old notebooks this morning and found the notes from my first viewing of "Begotten." If I remember correctly, we watched Jay Rosenblatt's "King of the Jews" that night as well. I wrote this very late at night directly after watching it. I typed up exactly what I scribbled that night so forgive the roughness of the ideas:

    "A film that brings the Cosmos and creation into bodily form. So often creation myths feel so abstracted, epic, cleaned-up…

  • Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

    Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things


    This is billed as a horror-comedy, but I should warn at the outset, the humor in this film is not very funny — don’t get hopes up for sharp satire or endearing goofiness. For most of the film’s first two acts, the characters carry-on like a second-rate college improv group. They exchange excruciatingly unfunny one-liners as they dig up a grave and try to upstage each other while accidentally conjuring the dead. Bob Clark and co-writer/star Alan Ormsby make a…

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  • Manhattan Love Suicides

    Manhattan Love Suicides


    "Manhattan Love Suicides" is an anthology film collecting four of Richard Kern’s films about lust, obsession and self-destruction in New York City. More so than perhaps any of his stand-alone narrative shorts, the films that make up this collection show that Kern’s style could be horrifying in a way that goes beyond any of the blood, mutilated bodies or violent sexual acts on screen. These shorts are scary in the way that many of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s tales are scary. A…