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  • Deep Impact

    Deep Impact


    I like that this is a disaster film that focuses on the experience of women and children. Not everything lands: the script never stops lurching from character to character, it skips huge chunks of time for no good reason, and the narrative is basically a string of knitted-together cliches. But it's such a contrast to the likes of Independence Day and Armageddon, those great 90s wallows in sweat and grime and muscle and wisecracks. Here, we see the apocalypse reflected…

  • The Ancient Woods

    The Ancient Woods


    The absence of score or narration allow animals (and the woods themselves) to star. I left the cinema with a sense of time slowed down. Soporific for my addled 21st Century brain, mind.

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  • Tanna



    The Romeo and Juliet comparison is obligatory, so let's get that out of the way.

    But no, really, Tanna is a *lot* like Romeo and Juliet. Except it's set in tribal lands in Vanuatu, where residents have rejected money, Christianity, democracy, and t-shirts, instead choosing a traditional life. And this story really happened, only a few decades ago.

    And instead of going all in with the tragedy, it ends with hope -- the hope that if you look at the…

  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    It is our nature to disappoint ourselves, and each other; to fall short of expectations, over and over, until we accept our flaws and lower the bar. We cannot bank on others to be there when we need them; to act nobly and selflessly in times of trial. Likewise, we cannot hold ourselves up as paragons of humanity because in the end, we all have a limit at which we give up and go back to looking out for ourselves.…