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  • Passengers



    The problem with PASSENGERS is not that he wakes her up. That detail is the potentially fascinating kernel around which the whole film is built, and what an interesting film it could have been. I can think of at least a dozen points at which my preferred narrative differed from what was presented, and after each of those imagined films, I was at least moved to think…

  • Ginger & Rosa

    Ginger & Rosa


    A small movie about big things: girlhood, activism, annihilation, and the blurred line between children and grown-ups. It's so small a movie, in fact, that it seems to end before completing its statement on these topics, which I felt it could have done given it was dealing with a fairly well-defined piece of the past. On the whole, though, everyone is very watchable here, especially Fanning (as always) and Nivola, while Hendricks is distracting (as always, but more for her…

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  • Tanna



    The Romeo and Juliet comparison is obligatory, so let's get that out of the way.

    But no, really, Tanna is a *lot* like Romeo and Juliet. Except it's set in tribal lands in Vanuatu, where residents have rejected money, Christianity, democracy, and t-shirts, instead choosing a traditional life. And this story really happened, only a few decades ago.

    And instead of going all in with the tragedy, it ends with hope -- the hope that if you look at the…

  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    It is our nature to disappoint ourselves, and each other; to fall short of expectations, over and over, until we accept our flaws and lower the bar. We cannot bank on others to be there when we need them; to act nobly and selflessly in times of trial. Likewise, we cannot hold ourselves up as paragons of humanity because in the end, we all have a limit at which we give up and go back to looking out for ourselves.…